One of the places where there is a lot waste in schools is in students lunch boxes! From wrappers, to plastic containers, to plastic wrap there are lots of rubbish in lunch boxes that can easily be swapped out for more eco-friendly options. To reduce waste in lunchboxes, you can run a waste-free lunches campaign in your school! 


STEP 1. 

Plan how to integrate wrapper-free lunches in your school! 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Focus on one day a week where you ask students to bring a waste-free lunch. This can be the waste-free lunch day or the nude-food day or event the litter-free lunches day!

  • Focus on one year level for a term

  • Start off with 'low-waste lunches' instead of 'waste-free lunches' to help students ease into this challenge!

How will you begin your campaign? Will you make it a competition between classes? Will you collect data to show how your campaign is reducing waste? 

Here are a few things to consider to make your waste-free campaign a success!


Make waste-free lunches a competition between classes!

  • Each class can have a sticker chart so each student that brings a waste-free lunch gets a sticker

  • Use a simple survey platform like KwikSurveys to send the class' waste-free lunch numbers through 

  • Ambassadors can go to each classroom and record how many waste-free lunches each class has


For competitions, you can present the winning class with a prize at assembly. Prize ideas include: 

  • Waste-free lunch trophy made out of food packaging 

  • Provide a waste-free morning tea for the winning class

  • A book for the winning class. Here are some eco-book ideas

  • Waste-free mascot! Have a soft-toy or statue that the winning class can keep for the week. How about a waste-free walrus?


Collecting data before your waste-free lunch days and after is a great way to show campaign success: 

  • You could consider tracking plastics, glass, metal and more in each lunch box using our Waste Data Collection Sheet

  • You can also show how many students bought a waste-free lunch for the term and how it increases over-time

  • Visuals are great! Use graph's and pictures to show your data.

STEP 2. 

Promote and advertise waste-free lunches in your school! 


Here are some ideas: 

  • Make some posters to stick around lunch areas advertising your waste-free lunch day 

  • Make a presentation on assembly. Get creative, check out this video by Bulimba State School, they made up a rap song to promote "Wrapper Free Wednesdays" at their school

  • Make a post on your schools social media 

  • Include a reminder in your schools newsletter

Teach your peers what a waste-free lunch looks like! Awareness is key, so in your assembly presentation or advertising material, make sure you say that we are aiming for low-waste options like using reusable containers, beeswax wraps, paper recyclable bags and reusable water bottles. 

STEP 3. 

Get parents on board! Nine times out of ten, students' parents are the ones who organise school lunches. So it is important to give them all the resources they need to be able to easily make a waste-free lunch!

We have created an information sheet for you to share with parents full of facts on how to save money with waste-free options and fun recipe ideas!

You could also send a letter or online email to parents telling them about waste-free lunch days and tips on making a waste-free lunch!

Wrapper Free Wednesdays at Tallebudgera State School 

The EcoMarines Ambassadors, Support Crew and students at Tallebudgera State School wanted to reduce the amount of waste coming into the school inside students' lunch boxes. 

They ran a Wrapper Free Wednesday every week with a 'Green Gnome" prize awarded to the class with the least amount of wrappers left in the bins. And on top of that, the Ambassadors and Support Crew sorted through the bins and collected data on the amount of wrappers left behind each week.  

After three years, they saw a decrease in wrappers being brought into the school per term! What great work!

Check out these tips and lunchbox ideas .....


Leakproof compartment lunchboxes, and a portion of profits are donated back to your school!


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