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Our local environments are home to many native animals. However, due to pollution, deforestation, littering and more, these environments are reducing rapidly. When habitats reduce, it can affect the wildlife populations that call these places home. 

There are many wonderful animals that call Australia home. They are usually split into two types: Marine and Terrestrial. Marine animals live in water-based habitats such as the ocean, rivers, lakes, creeks, wetlands and reefs. Terrestrial animals live in land-based habitats such as forests, mountains, beaches and marshlands!

All of the animals that live in these environments have special 'adaptations' that help them to eat, mate, hide, and/or survive. 

Click on the animals below to learn more about their habitat and special adaptations!

I call Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) home, where wild dolphins live!



Here are some of our favourite animal facts:

  • "Did you know that each species of butterfly is attracted to different host plants? There is always only one or two types of plants that different types of butterflies lay their eggs on, and then the caterpillars feed on that same plant. For example, the orchard swaIlowtail butterfly loves to lay eggs on lemon, lime and orange trees. I look for butterflies, caterpillars and eggs whenever I walk past certain trees now!"
    Hannah from Team EcoMarines​

  • "Kangaroos give birth to one joey at a time, but they can be raising 3 babies at one time. They can be pregnant, have a tiny joey in their pouch and a joey out of the pouch!"
    Dini from Team EcoMarines

  • "Pelicans can fly 3 kilometres high in the sky. Most school ovals are around 200 metres... so that's like 15 laps of your play area! Pretty high, hey?"
    Penny from Team EcoMarines

Check out this video about how we can help our wildlife!

EcoMarines Video: How to help our wildlife!


Wildlife is everywhere! For this Hero Mission, we want you to find some wonderful wildlife. Go outside in your garden or your local park and take a photo of an animal that you come across. Extra points if you tell us the name or species of the animal! Submit the photo below and the answers to the quiz! You can then move onto the litter level!

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