Unlike what most people think, water is not an infinite resource, infact:

  • Almost 98% of water on earth in saltwater which means 2% is freshwater

  • Australians use up to 100,000 litres of freshwater per person - every year!

  • Australians use 12% of this water for gardens and home, 34% for indoor water use, 26% for the toilet and 23% for laundry purposes

  • Drought conditions means there is less rain, soils dry out quicker and dams get low or run dry

It important that we conserve the water we have. Conserving water does not only mean using less water, it mean ensuring our water sources are not polluted, using our toilets wisely and improving water management. There are plenty of ways to conserve water and these challenges will help your school community think twice about the water that we have access too!



This challenge is for schools in Brisbane City, Ipswich and Scenic Rim councils!

The Urban Utilities WE LOVE WATER Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to get the whole school involved from prep to year 6.

There are 3 places available for this challenge - schools will be chosen at Ambassador Training Day in May. 


Confirm you are in Urban Utilities region: Brisbane, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim or Somerset council regions - please email Dini to check availability. 

STEP 2. 
Watch this video below. It explains everything! Once you have made contact with Urban Utilities, this video can be sent to you on a USB so that the challenge can be advertised to the school at assembly!

We Love Water Bag Challenge (002).JPG

STEP 3. 

Urban Utilities get in touch with you and ask your postal address to send a starter kit.

Starter kit includes:

  • script for ambassadors to read at assembly 

  • video for ambassadors to play at assembly 

  • bag design entry forms for ambassadors to hand out to each class


STEP 4. 

All drawing designs get sent back to Urban Utilities to pick a winner and a runner up.

STEP 5. 
Urban Utilities staff come to assembly to announce winner and runner up.

The winning design gets printed on an environmentally friendly bag, and everyone in the school gets one.


This challenge involves holding a competition in your school community! Invite students to come up with a slogan about saving water and they can go in the draw with entries from other schools to win a DAY TRIP CRUISE VOUCHER TO TANGALOOMA ISLAND RESORT (for 1 adult and 1 child). The winner from your school will also receive a special EcoMarines reusable water bottle!



First, organise an EcoMarines meeting to plan this challenge. You will need discuss the following: 

  • How will you advertise the competition e.g. posters, assembly presentation, article in newsletter?

  • Where will students hand in their slogan entries e.g. to their teachers or to an EcoMarines ambassador? 

  • How long will you run the competition for? We suggest 1-2 weeks.


Present on assembly to promote the Water Saver Slogan competition. Use this presentation to educate your school community about conserving water. You can share the important facts above, but make sure to educate others on easy ways to conserve water such as: 

  • Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth

  • Fix leaking taps

  • Use the half flush setting on the toilet

  • Only have 4-minute showers

  • Do not play with water fountains at schools


Hand out and collect the entry forms. Here is a template for an entry form:

It may be a good idea for students to sign-up to the challenge with their classroom teachers and then print the correct amount of entry forms to save paper. 

STEP 4. 

Now you've got the tough job of choosing a winner! Good luck. Please announce your winner on assembly and your schools newsletter. As the winner will receive an EcoMarines water bottle, please include a link to our merchandise site so everyone in your school can purchase one if they wish! 

STEP 5. 

Please send the winning entry (plus a few runners up) to us by Friday the 8th of October (week 1, Term 4). The winning entry will be put into a draw along with entries from other schools and also be sent an EcoMarines water bottle. We will then draw an entry with the winning entries from all schools involved who will win a Day Cruise Trip to Tangalooma Island Resort for 1 adult and 1 child!


Use the submission form below!

Good luck - we can't wait to see what you achieve!


IMG_0548.JPG (3).jpg


With Urban Utilities 

If your school is part of Brisbane, Ipswich and Scenic Rim council regions, you can take part in this water conservation program. Urban Utilities will fit your school out with data loggers so that your school can collect real-time water consumption data over 12 months. The data can help your school lower water wastage!