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Water is a finite resource meaning that if we use too much of it or do not take care of it, it will eventually run out! So, EcoMarines Heroes have a very important job of taking care of our water sources. 

There are a few issues with our water sources. First, we need to ensure our water-based habitats such as oceans, rivers, lakes and creeks are not being polluted! Second, we need to ensure that we are not wasting our household fresh water such as when we leave a tap running too long. Third, we need to help our water management systems such as drains and water plants by ensuring we are not blocking them or polluting them. 

Why do we need to do this? As well as making sure we have water available for years to come, our wildlife, plants and animals depend on it! For example, our animals drink out of rivers, lakes and creeks. If we pollute it with chemicals then this can make our wildlife sick.

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I make sure to only use natural cleaning liquids so it doesn't pollute our water systems!


Pesticides and fertilizers are liquid chemicals often ending up in waterways and change the quality of our water sources. Here is how you can help: 

  • Use natural products instead

  • Dispose of fertilizers and pesticides in the bin - not down the drain!


Stormwater drains are used to stop flooding. Stormwater flows directly into rivers or creeks. You can help by:

  • Not washing away harmful liquids down drains 

  • Ensuring rubbish near drains is disposed off 

  • Use natural or biodegradable detergents 

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Water from most household drains (toilets and sinks) will travel to sewage plants. Here are some facts:

  • Sewage plants treat water with machines

  • Plants will put back cleaned water into our water systems

  • Harmful substances in drain water make it harder to "clean"


Human based activities in the oceans causes pollution. here are some sources of pollution:

  •  Boats can release bits of toxic paints which harms oceans

  • Microplastics dropped in oceans can change the water chemistry

  • Fuel from boats and jet ski's can also be harmful


  • Did you know that less than 3% of the world water is freshwater! So, it is definitely true that water is not an infinite resource!​

  • Some of this freshwater is actually stored in ice caps in places like Antarctica which we can't use. 

  • In Australia, the shower is the biggest water user! Taking showers accounts for 34% of indoor water use - that is why we need to take shorter showers!

  • In Australia, drought is a big issue! This is where there is no rainfall for a long period of time. Because of this, we cannot collect rain water for use and our other water sources can dry up. 

See how our EcoMarines are saving water!



After learning about water pollution and ways to help it, we want you tell us a creative way that you or your family does to save water! Maybe you always leave a bucket out to when it rains to save to water your plants later. Let us know below and and don't forget to collect your fifth passport stamp as well. One level to go and you will be done with your EcoMarines Hero training!