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The top priority for EcoMarines Ambassadors is to reduce the amount of waste and litter found in your school and community. Well, our friends at Cleanaway are here to help!

We want you to make a creative art piece out of the most common waste items found in your school to raise awareness about these problematic items and give alternative options so people can eliminate them. 


The school with the best recycled art piece and story will be announced at ‘The Wave’ and receive a school visit from Cleanaway’s Waste Education Officer with a big Cleanaway truck!


STEP 1. 

Ambassadors complete an audit to identify the key litter items found in your school, or waste items from the tuck shop or lunch boxes *organic waste is excluded*  

STEP 2. 

Pick the top 3 items you want to focus on and start collecting them around the school. Brainstorm ideas how you can make an art piece out of these items collected to raise awareness in your school community. 

STEP 3. 
It’s time to get creative! You can make anything you want with the materials collected (see photos on this page for ideas).

STEP 4. 

Email us 2-3 photos of your art piece and a brief write-up about your creation and how/why you came up with it. Submissions are due October 2020.

The school with the winning design/story will be announced at The Wave and have their photo published on Cleanaway’s social media account. They will also receive a school visit with a big Cleanaway truck and their Waste Education Officer!

STEP 5. 

Ambassadors present at assembly:

  • Show your art piece and explain why you made it and what products were used.

  • Make suggestions for people to avoid or eliminate using these products. For example, if you found lots of mini chip packets you could suggest families buy one big bag and just fill a reusable container with chips for lunch each day.

  • We suggest doing another audit to see if those key waste items have decreased. This will prove if you’ve successfully created behavioural change in your school!

Display your art piece at school and talk to students about these problematic waste items. Maybe include it in your school newsletter and social media as well!

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