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This challenge is currently on hold for 2020. We are checking in on this regularly and will contact teachers with any updates to the EcoMarines challenges.

This is a very exciting new challenge! 


Join the challenge to attend:

What: Urban Utilities Kids Teaching Kids Conference

When: Tuesday the 28th of July, 2020


Get prepared and excited to present a 30 minute workshop on an environmental issue that you are passionate about.


All students will present in groups to each other on environmental and water-related topics and the winning team will be awarded with a special Urban Utilities-sponsored prize to attend:


What: The two day Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference in Melbourne

When: Tuesday the 27th to 28th October, 2020!


The prize includes flights and accommodation and entry to the conference. Not only will you be able to attend the conference, but you’ll get to represent Queensland by presenting your workshop to some of the other 550 students who attend!


This challenge will be outlined in more detail at the Ambassador Training Day.


STEP 1. 

Research and discuss a relevant environmental issue around the topics of water or waste with your fellow ambassadors.

STEP 2. 

Explore solutions to your chosen issue and actions you can take in your own community.

STEP 3. 

Create a workshop to teach others about what you have learnt (approx 30 minutes).

You can present this in any form you choose e.g. a song, poem, play, PowerPoint, as long as it is an engaging way to deliver your message. You will be guided through the creation of your workshop by a Kids Teaching Kids Educator.


STEP 4. 

Present your workshop at the Urban Utilities Kids Teaching Kids Conference in July. It will be a full day of workshops from other High School Ambassadors and water industry guest speakers. Yummy lunch will be provided. All attendees will vote for the winning workshop and the winners get to travel to Melbourne to present at the National Kids Teaching Kids Conference.


All participating schools will receive teacher relief and travel grants valued at $400 for their choosing of teacher relief/transport/workshop materials. 

If you have any questions or need guidance on your presentations contact Danielle. For general questions on this amazing challenge, email us or Urban Utilities