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EcoMarines Handbook

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The EcoMarines Handbook is useful to share with all EcoMarines students at the start of the year. We will supply one to all ambassadors.

The handbook has information on;

  • our program and online kit,

  • events,

  • our local environment, and

  • what the EcoMarines can do to help!

Alumni Kit

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Our Alumni Kit is a special resource for graduated EcoMarines!

This alumni kit features;

  • details on keeping in touch,

  • an environmental bucketlist,

  • tips for volunteering, and

  • environmental career inspiration!

OUR SONG "EcoMarines are Heroes"


Professional Sign 

Purchase an outdoor sign to put on the fence in front of your school :) 

Prices vary with small, medium and large sizes. We have the MEDIUM sign in stock (kids holding in photo) and it costs $45 + GST and includes delivery. Invoice sent to the school.

Small 450 x 300mm, Medium 700 x 500mm, Large 900 x 600mm

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EcoMarines Flyer

Please help us and let your school community know about EcoMarines! 

If you could please share our flyer in your school newsletter it would be much appreciated. 

EcoMarines Poster

If you prefer not to purchase a sign, you can print off the poster to display in your classroom.


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Tangalooma EcoMarines is registered with Containers for Change. If you would like to donate proceeds from recycling, our code is C10041492. 


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We often have teachers asking if we can suggest a reward or eco-prizes for them to give to students. For example, you may want an end of year prize for the class that had the most wrapper-free lunches.

We've put together a list of ideas below but PLEASE let us know if you've discovered an affordable eco-prize that students love so we can add it to this section!


  • Buy a 40cean bracelet made from 100% recycled materials. Funds help clean trash from the ocean.

  • Ocean Helper sells jewelry, bamboo products, clothing, etc. Funds raised help reduce plastic in our oceans.

  • Bamboo toothbrushes available in stores, such as Wray Organic or online from Ecotoothbrush in Burpengary.

  • Environment stickers, bookmark, awards and books from EDSCO

  • Coconut bowls available online.

  • Bee Wrappy in NSW has eco cloths and beeswax wrap (cling wrap alternative).

  • Bento box lunch containers are fantastic (but expensive). They are widely available in stores or with a simple Google search.

  • Each student could get a native plant to take home with them. Maybe talk to your local native nursery or Council to see if they will do a discount. 

  • Reusable utensils and straws are available online herehere or here

  • Might not be the most exciting gift...but Onya produce bags are a reasonable price. 

  • Biome stores have great stuff, but expensive. Maybe you could get a gift for the classroom such as toys/sustainability books, etc.

  • Buy Eco Green is full of eco-friendly school supplies, writing and stationary, books and more.

  • Modern Teaching Aids has some useful supplies.

  • Cubic Promote has miscellaneous eco stuff for school.


  • You could have ‘nude food’ treats (but that means someone has to do baking or cooking…) such as cupcakes that don’t have the wrapper on them

  • Instead of a PJ day you could have a ‘go blue for the Bay’ or ‘go green for EcoMarines’ day and kids dress in blue/green. You could even tie movie idea into this…

  • Movie screening – we have a 20 minute shortened documentary you can use called A Plastic Ocean (rated PG). Trailer below


Click on logo to download!! Blue, Green, White (background is black just so you can see the logo - it is a clear background)


If you need logo in a different format, please email us and we will send it to you.