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The ‘104 or More Clean-up Club’ challenge is an ongoing partnership with Brisbane City Council (BCC) to address litter in public places. The team have a number of COVID-Safe options to support EcoMarines to tackle litter in their local environment. The team can organise contactless drop-off of litter tools for:

These are new clean-up options that Brisbane City Council have developed and are open to input and feedback. If your EcoMarines are interested in trialling these clean-ups, please get in touch with our team for more information.


  • Active Travel Clean-Ups:
    Students pick up litter in their suburb while walking to school for Active Travel. Students can take litter equipment home and all join in a day when they clean-up on the walk to school. The 104 or More team will drop off the equipment ahead of time and can be there on the day to welcome the students (optional).


  • Lunchtime Clean-Ups:
    The EcoMarines team can organise a lunchtime litter clean up with a group of up to 100 people (reflecting Stage 3 of restrictions in Queensland.


  • Take it home:
    Families can borrow litter loan kits for up to two weeks! The EcoMarines can promote this for the school community to book with Brisbane City Council and the 104 or More team will deliver the litter loan kits to individual households. 


STEP 1. 

Get in touch and let us know what kind of clean-up your EcoMarines are interested in (active travel, lunchtime, home loan kits, or perhaps a combination!). We will put you in touch with  Brisbane City Council to organise the details and support the EcoMarines with their planning!
The 'Clean Up Club Plan' and 'Risk Assessment' may also help.



STEP 2.​

Spread the word to encourage students to participate! You could present on assembly, make posters or write in the newsletter.


Announce the date, details and why picking up litter is so important!


If you're hosting a clean-up at school, we also encourage you to personally invite staff, cleaners, and groundspeople...

Check out the templates provided by Bulimba State School!

STEP 3. 

Brisbane City Council will organise contactless drop off of litter equipment before the Clean Up day! The details will vary depending on which type of clean up your EcoMarines have opted for... their team will fill you in on COVID-Safe requirements!

STEP 4. 

Ambassadors present at assembly with photos and results of the clean-up. What items did you find? How many students helped clean-up? What did you learn? Encourage students to continue picking up litter!

STEP 5. 

Write an article for the school e-newsletter and include in their social media with #104ormore

If you are doing this challenge, we encourage you to do our Waste Warrior Challenge at the same time :)