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Moreton Bay is home to some incredible marine creatures including:

  • Over 2000 loggerhead turtles (Moreton Bay is the most significant habitat in Australia for loggerhead turtles)

  • 600 dolphins (two species of dolphins that inhabit the area, but up to eight species visit)

  • 800-900 dugongs (the largest herd of dugongs close to a major city!)

  • Over 10,000 green sea turtles

  • Over 120 species of coral

  • Over 1000 species of fish

  • Nine whale species

  • Six of the seven marine turtle species can be found in Moreton Bay!

Moreton Bay also includes 360 islands! This includes Moreton Island with Tangalooma Island Resort (a very important sponsor of EcoMarines). Moreton Island is home to incredible plants, corals and animals... but they also see the impact of marine plastic pollution on wildlife! 

To learn more about the amazing marine life in our local waters, check out the videos below: 

If you want to learn more about corals and how you can be a citizen scientist, check out the CoralWatch website here!