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Gardening, composting and starting a worm farm are great ways to help the environment... You can do either gardening or composting, or try them all!


Composting helps to turn organic waste into useful soil and fertiliser. It also stops food scraps from being sent to landfill where they break down and produce greenhouse gases. Our friends from Cleanaway helped to teach us more about this - check out the video to learn!


We know that getting started can seem daunting! Learn more about how you, your family, and/or your school can start a worm farm or compost with our 'How To Guide':


There are so, so many benefits to having a garden! Growing your own fruit and vegetables helps the environment by:

  • Reducing plastic waste by avoiding packaging

  • Reducing food waste... just pick what you need!

  • The plants improving air quality and providing a home for animals and insects! 

  • Reducing food miles 

Would you like to join our gardening club? One of our favourite parts of gardening is the joy of watching things grow! 

A great way to earn some extra cash to start your garden journey is through Containers for Change! Why not collect your 10c refund containers and use the money to buy some plants or garden tools!

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