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We need energy everyday! We need it to run our electrical items, to make food, for transportation, and to make everyday items. However, using energy and producing energy has negative impacts on our environment. 

Most of the negative impacts come from the fact that when energy is produced, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. To produce energy, things like coal or oil are burned. This creates greenhouses gases that trap heat in the earths atmosphere which warms our planet. Some examples of greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide and and methane. 

This may seem like a big issue that we as local communities can't fix. But, working towards greener energy actually starts at with you! There are plenty of ways we can save energy which we will learn about later on. But first, lets learn about clean, renewable energy. Click the boxes below to find out more. 

Do you have solar panels in your home or your school? 


Renewable energy comes from resources that are always available for us to use with minimal environmental impact. For example: 

  • Rain

  • Wind

  • Sunlight

  • Moving Water

  • Steam or vapour


Solar energy comes from.. yup you guessed it - Sunlight! Did you know: 

  • Solar power is the most abundant energy source

  • Solar power plants can last more than 40 years

  • Solar panels are everywhere! Does your house or school have one?


 Wind power is harnessed by wind turbine machines. As the wind turns the turbine, the speed of the spinning creates electricity. Did you know:

  • Windmills have existed for thousands of years!

  • Sometimes we do not have wind so we have to store this energy for later use!


Hydro energy is harnessed through the movement of water from dams or rivers.  Did you know: 

  • Farmers have used hydro power for many years

  • Hydro power is one of the cheapest sources of energy

  • Dams are most used for hydro power

How do you save energy at the local level? Check out this video!


  • Australia is working towards renewable energy with a 5% increase in renewables over recent years. But we can help increase this percentage by opting for renewable energies for powering our homes. Maybe you can chat with your family about solar panels for instance! 

  • Did you know that solar energy is the most used renewable energy? This is because the technology is now getting more affordable to buy. In 2019, there was a 50% growth in solar energy use. 

  • As well as using less energy in households, businesses and schools, we can also reduce our carbon footprint by using less transport! You can walk, bike, use public transport or even scooter around!

EcoMarines Video: SAVING ENERGY!

I make sure to only use natural cleaning liquids so it doesn't pollute our water systems!


There are super simple ways that you can save energy! Remember, every little step counts! Look around your house or school Is there simple way of saving energy that your family, friends or community could be doing to help out? Let us know below and answer the other questions. Perhaps, it is as simple as remembering to turn the lights off when you leave a room. We want to know! Congratulations, go the main page and to retrieve your completed EcoMarines Hero certificate!