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To help protect and care for our environments, we must promote sustainability practices to children at a young age. EcoMarines strives to create a generation of environmental heroes, and where better place to start than in your centre! There are plenty of easy, effective ways to promote sustainability and educate young children about environmental conservation and preservation. 




  • Use electronic forms of communicating with families instead of paper e.g. emails, text messages, e-newsletters

  • Buy consumables in bulk to reduce wasteful packaging such as detergents, hand washes and food items

  • Reduce energy usage by ensuring educators turn off lights in rooms, setting air-conditioning to 24 degrees and fridges to 3-4 degrees

  • Ask parents to pack wrapper-free food items for snacks and meals 



  • Use waste items for craft supplies, for example: plastic bottles, bottle lids, cardboard rolls, paper, boxes, clothes

  • Use waste items for the garden! Plastic containers such as yoghurt containers, plastic bottles, cans and more can easily become plant pots. Old tires and pallets can be donated and made into planters as well

  • Reuse rain water by collecting it in buckets for watering the garden or water play

  • Parents can bring in items from the home that could have a second life at your centre such as furniture or toys

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  • Recycle food scraps through composting or worm farming

  • As well as recycling bins and containers for change bins, why not add bins in for soft plastics (recycled through REDcycle at Coles and Woolworths), bread tags (recycled through Bread Tags for Wheelchairs) and oral care packaging (through Terra Cycle)

  • Ensure recycling bins are placed in high traffic areas of your centre and educate your centre on correct use of the bins



A big part of EcoMarines programs is to promote kids teaching kids. This is great way for children to learn and build relationships! Here are some ways you can incorporate kids teaching kids at your centre: 

Older classes present to younger classes!

Once your children have learnt about helping the environment, you can organise for children to present their ideas to younger classes to share the information. 

Connect with your local primary school!

If you would like to connect with an EcoMarines primary school either virtually or for a visit, please email! 

Buddy up for activities!

When completing our challenges and activities, buddy up older children with younger children! This is great way to allow children to make friends with others outside of their normal classes.


Avenues Early Learning Centre Sunnybank Hills

Teresa and the other amazing educators at Avenues take pride in reducing, reusing and recycling at their centre. Here are some amazing sustainable ideas they have come up with: 

  • Wearable artwork made out of waste items 

  • Farmers market swap stall: families bring produce or baked goods to a stall in their foyer

  • Upcycling any items for use within the centre

  • Collecting rainwater for use in the garden 

Does your centre have a creative idea to help your community be more sustainable? We want to know! Submit your ideas below and you can be featured on our Centre Spotlights!