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Tangalooma EcoMarines Early Learning Program is about embedding sustainable practices within the early years. In just the first five years of a child's life, their brain development will create the foundations for lifelong learning and development. Therefore, the importance of embedding sustainable practices at such a young age is crucial for our children to live a clean and green life. This fun play-based program will provide opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise, and imagine throughout a variety of Eco-Focuses such as gardening, water conservation, waste reduction and more. 

This program is not just about the children, we want everyone involved! Tangalooma EcoMarines want to educate families, staff, and the wider community. By encouraging children’s participation in experiences, challenges and activities that will strengthen their relationships with members of the wider community, it will contribute to their sense of belonging, being and becoming.


The program provides helpful resources, information and connections with third party companies to help educators create a sustainable centre. Furthermore, when educators create environments in which children experience mutually enjoyable, caring, and respectful relationships with people and the environment, children will respond accordingly.


As a community let us connect and contribute to our world and teach children to become socially responsible and show respect for their environment.

- Teresa Hatcliffe 

Educational Leader

Tangalooma EcoMarines offer a free and fun environmental education program to early learning centres across Australia. This is based on the success of our primary school program where student "EcoMarines Ambassadors" acquire knowledge and skills to positively influence their local communities to reduce plastics in our waterways and contribute to positive long-term behaviour change.

Our Early Learning Program includes fun educational materials and and activities across 4 areas to engage kids, families, staff and the community with sustainability;

  • Getting started (educating children, families, and staff)

  • Resources, ideas, centre spotlights and third party companies to help improve sustainability within the centre

  • Eco-Focus' such as gardens galore, waste reduction, culture and country and more

  • Challenges with exciting prizes to be won and fun activities​

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