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Tangalooma EcoMarines is a non-profit organisation that works to inspire and empower school students to become conservation leaders through our award-winning school programs.

Although our main focus is providing environmental education programs to school children, EcoMarines also strives to increase environmental awareness in the community.


We want to provide the opportunity for businesses to engage with our communities and create positive environmental behaviour change through our low maintenance Corporate Program.

However, you do not need to join our EcoMarines community to help your workplace be more sustainable. There are plenty of small things you can implement. See our Sustainability Tips page for ideas!

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Where will corporate level sponsorships go?

We understand that workplaces are busy, which is why we have provided you with an easy way to connect your workplace with the EcoMarines community, make better choices for the environment, and build relationships .


It is important to have one person be the main point of contact for the EcoMarines Corporate Program. Make sure this person is has time available to receive emails from EcoMarines, connect with the workplace EcoMarines team  and help implement sustainability-focused activities.

To sign up for this initiative click HERE or complete this form.


It might be a good idea to check with your work supervisors to ensure that your workplace is happy to join the EcoMarines community. We will need the name of your workplace when you sign up. You can read our terms and conditions *here*.


Appoint 4-5 ambassadors who are passionate about saving local environments. They will be in charge of: 

  • Implement sustainability-focused projects and activities

  • Share information about EcoMarines and the state of the environment 

  • Fundraise for EcoMarines school programs 

  • Meet every so often to organise projects/activities

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Let your workplace know about your ambassadors and what EcoMarines is all about. Here are some ideas: 

  • Have a workplace meeting and use the EcoMarines PowerPoint presentation to teach others about the organisation

  • Print our EcoMarines poster to advertise that the workplace is part of the program 

Download PowerPoint
Download Poster

Have a meeting with your EcoMarines ambassadors and decide what environmental issues you need to tackle in the workplace and how: 

  • Print out and use this action plan to organise all your ideas

  • Check out the challenges and projects below and see if they will work in your workplace



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This challenge involves reducing the amount of desktop or under the desk bins that are around your workplace. The more bins there are, the more rubbish that accumulates and the more items that could be recycled - end up in  general waste. So challenge your workplace to hand in their bins for the Bin Blitz and ask them to use large bins located in a few areas.


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For this challenge, create a station/container for your workplace to place their drink containers in after use. You can then donate them to containers for change. The refund can be used to fund other environmental projects or you can donate it to EcoMarines to help us reach more schools: 


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 Where your general waste bins are, you can have containers to collect the six streams of waste: Containers for change, E-waste, Landfill, Organic waste, Recycling, Soft plastic. Appoint an ambassador whose job it is to empty these bins responsibly. Google your local council for recycling and disposal options! Or download our bin signage: 


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If an ambassador has an at home compost bin, then this is a great one to help fill it up. Have a compost bin available for colleagues to place food waste in. Other options is to purchase a workplace compost or worm farm that is small, compact and produced fertilizer or soil that your colleagues can take home!


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EcoMarines is a non-profit organisation and relies on donations and sponsorships to help reach schools and communities. We need your help to create a wave of environmental change and put more schools through our programs. If you would like to fundraise for us, please visit our DIY fundraising page to see some ideas!


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Water wastage can happen in the home and the workplace, so it is important to educate and create awareness on tips to save water.


Posters are a good idea to hang near taps and bathrooms reminding your colleagues to check for leaky taps, reduce shower use and watch what chemicals go down the sink. 

The Queensland Government has some great tips on saving water: 

Our sponsor urban utilities also has some great tricks and tips: 



EcoMarines organise two corporate volunteer litter clean-up days in May in August each year.

Each event includes special presentations from EcoMarines student ambassadors, traditional cultural presentations, short screening of A Plastic Ocean documentary, litter collection (hosted by Brisbane City Council), litter audit (hosted by Conservation Volunteers Australia), and lunch with networking opportunities.  

Join us for an experience to remember and help keep our waterways litter-free! 


These are FREE events and numbers are limited.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government’s Community Sustainability Action grant program.