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Containers for Change is a great initiative to encourage recycling and giving back to the community. 


We suggest incorporating Containers for Change with our Recycle Rangers challenge. 



S​TEP 1. 

Setting up a recycling initiative in your school, and making sure people know how to use it.

STEP 2. 

Separating the refundable containers from non-refundable. 

STEP 3. 

Taking the refundable containers to your nearest collection centre.

STEP 4. 

Check out ReturnIt or Scouts to assist with steps 2 and 3!

Choose what to do with the funds! These could be put towards an environmental project in the school, local charity or anything else you choose. EcoMarines is a registered charity with Containers for Change and we would welcome any donations to help us grow! Our code is C10041492 if you would like to donate.


The Containers for Change website has more information on what type of containers are accepted, and where to return them.

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